Harley James

posted by: Val Weaver date: Aug 16, 2019 category: comments: Comments Off on Harley James

Harley’s hot yoga journey began in 2014 during her freshman year of college. She was initially drawn to the physical aspect of the practice. As a student athlete, she loved the stretch and release that yoga was able to offer for tight muscles. As her yoga practice became more frequent, she noticed a mindfulness, peace, and inspiration that was cultivated on her mat. Eventually it created a drive that left her wanting to explore yoga further. She studied Nutrition Science at North Carolina State University, so her passion for health and wellness has been long-standing. In May, she became a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher through Shakti Yoga University in Nashville, TN. As a teacher, Harley’s goal is to offer each student the opportunity to feel connected, inspired, and empowered each time they step off of their mat.

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